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Hampton Oaks

100 acres site cleared and grubbed by SLF. One portion of this site was burned with an ACI to reduce emissions. The other portion was grinded and hauled off. ACI burning and grinding are great options when sites are close to homes & developments. We specialize in both!

The Hills at Minneola

This was a 500 acre project that included clearing, grubbing, and open burning. It was completed on a 2.5 month schedule in preparation for 2.4 million yards of dirt.

The Nelson’s Project

Beacon Lakes

After quality clearing, grubbing, and burning, this site was ready for 1.5 million yards of dirt.

20131 Grove Street

Lakepark Estates

Check out these before, progress, and nearing completion pictures of the job site in Deland, FL. Here at SLF, we take pride in the quality of our work. We work hand in hand with our contractors to complete blocks in an orderly fashion to keep on or ahead of schedule.

In preparation for a development, our crew handled the clearing, grubbing, disking, and burning on site with an air curtain.

Ocoee Village


75 acres of grove clearing

Black & Veatch

Magnolia Springs Solar Project

370 acres - cleared, grubbed, and burned. Disked, rolled, and replanted in Bahia.

Green Cove Springs, Florida

Phillips and Jordan, Inc.

Western Way Project

85 acres - cleared, grubbed, and burned

3 week schedule

Kissimmee, Florida

Cline Construction

Los Logos Project

21 Acres - cleared, grubbed, grind, and hauled off

Felix Associates of Florida

Fort Drum Solar Project

412 acres - mow,clear, grub, and burn

Southland Construction, Inc

US 441 Expansion

50 acres - right of way clearing

Lady Lake, Florida

The Jefferson’s Lake House
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